Welcome to Whirlwind Tools,

Whirlwind Tools Co., Ltd. specialized in the excellent experiences and skills of the team members with best technology in car cleaning, we offer complete range of cleaning guns with "patent" for car cleaning applications.

Patent rights we have - Taiwan, China, USA, Germany, France, Italy & Russia

A Rotatable Spray Gun

* Cap for Drainage, a breathable multi-caliber lid

* Quick Release Brush

* 2 in 1 Cap, suitable for different sizes of bottle

* Foam Generating Apparatus, no extra nozzles needed

* Check Valve

We are currently looking for distributor so please contact us if you are interested in becoming part of our great team !!!


*** Our upgrade kit fits all Tornador and Cyclone cleaning guns such as Z-010 Tornador Classic, Z-020 Tornador Black, Z-014 Blow Gun, AZ-020K and many other "Tornador" style tools.


The Latest Development - Glazing Gun with Ruuber Grip & Blow/Suction Gun with Rubber Grip: