Whirlwind Tools Co., Ltd., is a professional supplier with innovative products in cleaning guns and accessories for car cleaning applications and car care markets.

We also promote pneumatic tools, hand tools and auto repair tools. Our united team not only develops top quality products for you but communicates to our customers with enthusiasm and sincerity in developing your applications. Our team members have excellent experiences in all kinds of tools. With such experience, we have sharpened its mastery in the customization of tools. We devote always to the innovation and improvement in R&D and marketing.  

Our strength lies in our ability continually to redevelop our technologies. We adapt our technologies individually to your requirements. We have some registered patents for unique technology alone. We use our innovative strength to realize tailor-made solutions for you or to develop new solutions if required.

All our products are developed and produced at company in Taiwan. The lifetime warranty on our products is a statement of confidence. We are confident that our innovative products will meet and exceed the customers' expectations in durability and performance. We stand for Durability, Precision and Reliability.